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85 illustrations, 70 plans
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German/English ISBN 978-3-03761-038-1

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The young architectural couple Stephanie Bender and Philippe Béboux have firmly established themselves on the western Swiss architectural scene with an impressive number of competition successes since 2000. Numerous independent buildings with a very high architectural standard have been implemented since then.
For instance several designs for squares in Geneva and Lausanne, the Swiss Pavilion at the ARCO Art Fair in Madrid, which alternates between spaces and levels, the cultural and municipal centre in Corpataux, which is entirely clad in tuffstone and is sculpturally conceived, or the recently completed villa “4 in 1” in Lausanne, where four sophisticatedly convoluted units are grouped around an inner courtyard. The Lausanne architects’ regional planning in agglomerations and rural areas, where they investigate special strategies that move between density and emptiness, are especially significant.

Edited by: Heinz Wirz