264 pages, 16.0 x 16.5 cm
220 illustrations
Paper-bound, thread-stitched
CHF 48.–/EUR 36.–

German ISBN 978-3-03761-082-4

Alle diese Tage – Anna Maria Kupper

Diary of Images 2004–2013
For over ten years, Anna Maria Kupper has been keeping a diary of images. The camera is the sculptor’s daily companion. She uses it to pursue her own obsession with observation, “viewing” the world and capturing its images. In doing so, she achieves a special resonance that can enhance the moment. The process is akin to the search for a tone, for things that leave an impression, a memory in one’s mind.
In the volume’s 220 images compiled as a diary, people play an important role. They create an equilibrium with the photos of landscapes, urban spaces, buildings and interiors. That balance transforms both motifs into allegories of one’s own life that pervade the book in a serious, cheerful or sometimes melancholy mood.

Editor: Heinz Wirz