96 pages, 17 × 22 cm
97 illustrations, 21 plans
Thread-stitched brochure
CHF 34.00 / EUR 31.00

German ISBN 978-3-03761-235-4

Durchdringung als Bedingung

This volume marks the conclusion of the many years of teaching and research by Dieter Geissbühler, investigating the significance of construction in architecture. The various articles are compiled in a collage-like structure and shed light on stances that have above all been communicated in teaching.

Edited by: Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts – Engineering & Architecture; Johannes Käferstein, Dieter Geissbühler
Foreword: Viktor Sigrist
Articles by: Oliver Dufner, Christoph Flury, Uli Herres, Charlotte Hustinx, Johannes Käferstein, Andrea Kuhn, Stefan Kunz, Mario Rinke, Daniel Tschuppert, Uwe Teutsch, Felix Wettstein, Christoph Wieser