64 pages, 16 × 24 cm
17 images, 22 plans
Clothbound, thread-stitched
CHF 38.00 / EUR 32.00

German/English ISBN 978-3-03761-201-9

Farmhouse by Lake Zurich – Käferstein & Meister

The farmhouse gained a contemporary freshness while respecting existing elements and using only a few external measures. Inside, a surprisingly multifaceted world has been created that impresses with its high-quality finishing, humour and consistency. The conversion thrives on surprising moments: the tension created by differently proportioned rooms, the varied interior furbishing and the direct nature of specific solutions that pick up on original uses.

Edited by: Käferstein & Meister
Articles by: Philipp Esch, Johannes Käferstein, Urs Meister, Silvio Pizio