200 pages, 24 × 28 cm
104 illustrations, 155 drawings snd 12 sketches
Thread-stitched lay-flat brochure with dust cover
CHF 54.00 / EUR 49.00

German ISBN 978-3-03761-194-4

Milo Ganser – Eisenplastiken und Zeichnungen

Milo Ganser has been working as an iron sculptor in Hochdorf LU since 1968. His work can be divided into four periods: the first stage produced smaller forged sculptures with technically refined designs (1968–1987). A second group of works (1991–2004) consists of larger, sensitive and narrative steel structures, some of which are coloured. A number of larger works with a high profile in public spaces form the third period (1976–2004). And finally, Milo Ganser produced numerous narrative background drawings, sounding out life and the way of the world (2006–2017).