276 pages, 17 × 24 cm
224 images, 55 plans
Hardback, thread-stitched
CHF 54.00 / EUR 49.00

English ISBN 978-3-03761-275-0

Towards a Resilient Architecture – Mæ

This volume explores the interconnected social, sustainable and spatial principles that underpin the design of more environmentally conscientious buildings and places, illustrated through models, drawings and images of selected key projects by the award-nominated London-based architecture practice Mæ. Each project outlines beneficial strategies for creating more sustainable designs, achieving social equity and working within our planet’s limits to elevate the human spirit in the long-term.
This book posits strategies to design buildings and places that enrich culture and society, offering insight from researchers and practitioners, as well as richly illustrated documentation of key architectural schemes that put these principles into practice. It is a call to arms for ways to create more environmentally regenerative architecture, applying its ideas to architectural practice worldwide.

Articles by: Alex Ely, Peter Smisek, Debika Ray, Hugh Pearman, Laura Mark, Nile Bridgeman