188 pages, 26 × 32 cm
138 Illustrations, 92 Plans
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Valerio Olgiati

Second unrevised edition of the 2008 monograph

The book is not a typical book. It consists of plates that can be opened, one after the other. Each plate is connected to the overall book by the continuous text, to the architect’s drive through the images of an iconographic autobiography, and to his works themselves through photos and rendering. As a book, it is primarily a piece of work in its own right, an image that evokes new images in the viewer.
Since the end of the 1990s, Valerio Olgiati has been regarded as one of the most independent and exceptional exponents of Swiss architecture. The book compiles all his important buildings and projects since 1996.

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Edited by: Laurent Stalder
Concept: Edition Dino Simonett
Articles by: Laurent Stalder, Bruno Reichlin, Mario Carpo