136 pages, 17 × 22 cm
87 illustrations, 15 plans
Thread-stitched brochure
CHF 34.00 / EUR 31.00

German ISBN 978-3-03761-233-0

Wege zum Raum – Konstruktive Denkweisen in der Architekturausbildung

The fifth volume of the Laboratorium series spans the themes and positions at the institute. The texts address diverse aspects of and questions on the theme of developed and perceived space. Questions of energy, handling urban and rural spaces, and working with models are reflected upon. In addition to content-based themes, the book also examines methods and approaches.

Edited by: Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts – Engineering & Architecture; Johannes Käferstein, Damaris Baumann
Foreword: Johannes Käferstein
Articles by: Alberto Alessi, Peter Althaus, Heike Biechteler, Luca Deon, Yves Dusseiller, Angelika Juppien, Wolfgang Rossbauer, Lando Rossmaier, Annika Seifert, Felix Wettstein