40 pages, 18 × 18 cm
12 sketches
Thread-stitched lay-flat brochure
CHF 18.00 / EUR 16.00

German ISBN 978-3-03761-262-0


A child and his mother live on Earth. The lines tell of waking up and going to bed – in spring, summer, autumn, winter. And of moments in rooms – in their light, sounds, smells.
The smallest stories describe perceptions in living – familiar moments embedded in space and time. Zuhause takes up where the author left off in her architectural publications and attempts to reveal the consciousness that lies therein for children.
Franziska Wittmann, born in 1985, is an architect and a member of the Gion A. Caminada professorship. She studied architecture in Munich and Zurich after training in dance and choreography in Salzburg.

Author: Franziska Wittmann