84 pages, 20.5 × 22 cm
97 b/w illustrations
Thread-stitched brochure
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German ISBN 3-9521766-0-5

Max A. Wyss – In den Zeiten des Bildjournalismus

The name of Max A. Wyss (1908–1977) can justifiably be mentioned in the same breath as those of the great representatives of Swiss photojournalism – Paul Senn, Gotthard Schuh, Hans Staub, Ernst Scheidegger, Emil Schulthess, Werner Bischof, Theo Frey etc. The works he left behind contain the most incredible stories, fantastic results of closely experienced on-the-spot research, traces of a seeker on the wide stage of humanity.

Edited by: Fotodokumentation Kanton Luzern/Museum im Bellpark, Kriens